• Trough Belt Conveyors

    The trough belt conveyors are suitable for transportation of bulk goods of all kinds. In comparison with other conveying systems, the belt conveyor systems allow high speed operation with high volume flow rates thanks to its mode of operation.

  • Owing to PURATEK swivel mechanism, variable discharge points are possible. Heavy ball swinging circles and the rigid structure allow a cantilevered extension of the conveyor belt up to 6 m. The optional hydraulic height adjustment allows adaption to the filling cone. With the motorized swivel mechanism a swivel angle of 180/360° can be achieved. Through use of echo sounder systems for filling cone sensing, fully automated filling processes at appropriate control can be implemented.

    PURATEK-cabs permit the belt displacement in the longitudinal direction. The reversible belt drive and the compact dimensions of the cabs provide a big usable loading area.